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             -  COLLECTION   FOR   SALE  -

I have decided to put my collection of West Indian Expo memorabilia up for sale (with the exception of the elongated coins) to concentrate more on my other collecting interests. Make me an offer on one piece, a few pieces, or the entire collection! I have much more than what is shown here - postcards, sterling silver spoons, ruby glass, paper items, misc. souvenirs, etc. 

Contact me at: sciwie@netzero.net

A collection of souvenirs & memorabilia from the South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition (aka The Charleston Exposition) that ran from Dec. 1, 1901 until May 31, 1902.

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Wanted for collection: Charleston Expo Goblet Shaped Encased Indian Cent. Indian cent souvenir in a goblet shaped aluminum encasement from the Charleston Exposition. Measures approx. 1 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches tall. I am actively seeking this piece for my collection. Please contact me if you have any for sale or trade. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR LARGER, MORE DETAILED VIEW!.
Gold Award Medal - Pacific Pine Needle Co. Inc.. Gold Medal awarded to the Pacific Pine Needle Co. Inc. Medal is 2-1/2" in diameter and is made of gold-plated bronze. Medal winners had to buy their own medals, and those awarded a gold medal could choose between solid gold ($150), gold-plated silver ($8), or gold-plated bronze ($4). Medal is marked GORHAM CO. And BRONZE on the edge. Haven't been able to find any information about this business, so if anyone has any info, please contact me.
Silver Award Medal - Lane Mfg. Co.. Silver Award Medal presented to the Lane Mfg. Co. Of Vermont. Marked GORHAM and STERLING on the edge. Silver medals could be purchased in either silver-plated bronze ($3.50) or sterling silver ($6.50). Medal measures 2 1/2" in diameter and is heavily toned from residing in its original case of issue since 1902. Lane Mfg. Co. Also won a gold medal at the Charleston Expo for woodworking machinery.
Previously in collection: Bronze Award Medal - Laura E. Snow. Bronze medal awarded to artist (painter) Laura E. Snow. Medal is 2 1/2" in diameter and marked GORHAM CO. And BRONZE on the edge. I couldn't find very much info on Laura E. Snow, so please contact me if you have anything of interest concerning her.
Previously in collection: Gold Medal Award Certificate - Vartray Water Company . Winners of award medals could also purchase a certificate instead of, or along with, an actual medal. These certificates were printed on vellum (animal skin) and cost $1 each. The certificates are just as, or somewhat rarer than, the actual medals.
Previously in collection: Fort Sumter So-Called Dollar HK-292. Silver-plated bronze 33mm medal featuring Fort Sumter and workers picking cotton under a palmetto tree. Listed in Hibler-Kappen's So-Called Dollars book as HK-292. Note the numerous places on the rim and the high spots of the design (click on picture for larger view) where the bronze is already showing with only the slightest wear to the piece. Compare to the next variety that I believe to be SOLID SILVER!.
Previously in collection: UNLISTED SOLID SILVER Fort Sumter So-Called Dollar. This variety of Fort Sumter so-called dollar is not currently listed in the Hibler-Kappen book. Note the weak strike in the trunk and front palm frond of the palmetto tree and also the words FORT SUMTER (click on picture for larger view). Also note that nowhere on either side do you see any bronze showing on the high points of the design or around the rim (see listed variety HK-292 above). I have seen more of this variety offered for sale than the listed silver-plated bronze variety!.
Previously in collection: Another UNLISTED Fort Sumter so-called dollar variety!. Identical to HK-292 in Hibler-Kappen's So-Called Dollars book, but this piece has a gilt finish.
Previously in collection: Cotton Palace / Liberty Bell Hanging Badge. Hanging badge with a 33mm white metal HK-293a so-called dollar.
Previously in collection: HK-294 Winged Female Figure So-Called Dollar. Gilt brass 34mm official medal struck at the U.S. Mint exhibit on the Exposition grounds. Listed in Hibler-Kappen's So-Called Dollar book as HK-294.
Charleston Exposition Elongated Cents and Nickel. Complete collection of all known varieties rolled at the Charleston Expo: the Cotton Palace, Mining & Forestry Bldg. Palace of Commerce, and Palmetto State Souvenir. Image 2 is the reverse of the Palmetto State Souvenir. Image 3 is the Mining & Forestry Building rolled on an 1884 Liberty NICKEL!.

West Indian Exposition Encased Cent. 1901-02. Indian cent in a souvenir aluminum encasement.

Charleston Exposition Chamberpot Shaped Encased Cent. Aluminum chamberpot encased indian cent souvenir from the Charleston Exposition.
SOUVENIR OF CHARLESTON EXPOSITION 1901-1902 ENCASED CENT. Round aluminum encased Lucky Penny Pocket Piece.

West Indian Exposition Encased Cent. Rare variety of encased cent that I didn't know existed until 2014. Has a few condition problems, but is the only example I know of at this time.
Cotton Palace Medalet. 19mm souvenir bronze medalet with the Cotton Palace and a Palmetto tree logo.
Aluminum Advertising / Lucky Charm Token. Token advertising the Exposition and is also a charm that prevents bald heads, insanity and many other maladies! Same size as a U.S. Half dollar.
Previously in collection: West Indian/Cotton Palace stick pin token. 18mm brass token (originally gold-plated) holed at the top to be attached to a lapel stickpin by a small piece of chain. I have seen about a dozen of these tokens over the years, but none that were still attached to the stickpin.
Wagener Day Souvenir Ticket With Attached Stub. Unused souvenir ticket and stub printed for Wagener Day, May 22, 1902. Captain F.W. Wagener was a prominent businessman in Charleston and the President of the Exposition Company.
Complimentary Admission Passes. Unissued complimentary admission passes - the first is overprinted SEASON; the second PRESS; and the third is non-specific. The fourth image is a common reverse. Printed on heavy card stock.