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19 items

Edward I, Longcross Penny.. Canterbury Mint, 1272 - 1307. Silver. Diameter 18mm, 2 grams. Reign 1272 - 1307.
1731 Edward VI. 1731. White metal. Diameter 40mm, 2mm thick, 35 grams. Designed by Jean Dassier. Obverse: Legend: Edouard VI. D.G. ANG. FN. ET. HIB. REX. Medal turn. Fine.
Spade Half Guinee George III 1788 Imitation (In Memory Of The Good Old Days). Birmingham. Diameter 20mm, 2 grams. Reeded edge. Token used for gaming. Possibly produced in the late 19th early 20th century. They were produced in birmingham and there are about 1000 different types. Where this token is quite common some are rare the lettering "In Memory Of The Good Old Days." being replaced with various adverts for shops and tradesmen.
Prince De Ligne. Diameter 45mm, 6mm thick, 53 grams. Obverse by simon (signed under right shoulder). Obverse: Bust of Man Facing right. Lettering Prince De Ligne. Reverse: Lettering only. NATUS BRUXELLIS AN.M.DCC.XXXV OBIT AN.M.DCCC.XIV. Medal turn. This Medal appears to be steel with traces of black paint. Simon, Jean Henri. 1752-1834.


1811, Napoleon, Demi Franc. France, 1811. Silver, 900 Fine. 2.5 grams. 1,860,000.
Napoleon 1er Empereur. White metal. Diameter 42mm, 2mm thick, 22 grams. Medal turn.
1849, To Hanover, Token. Copper. Diameter 21mm.

When Victoria became Queen of Great Britain in 1837 she could not be King of Hanover. So her uncle the unpopular Duke of Cumberland was sent instead. The tokens were produce in Birmingham over a 30 year period.

Edward VII gambling token. Great Britain, 1902. Diameter 22mm, 4 grams.
1869, Leopold II, Five Franc. Belgium, 1869. Silver, 900 Fine. Diameter 37mm, 25 grams. 12,658,000.
1869, Napoleon III, Five Franc. France, 1869. Silver, 900 Fine. Diameter 37mm, 25 grams. 2,056,000.
1919, Haakon VII. Norway, 1919.600 silver. 5 grams. 1,219,000.
1967 Centennial of Canadian Confederation. 1967. White metal. Diameter 39mm, 3mm thick, 24 grams. Obverse designed by Lombardo. Obverse: Conjoined heads Victoria and Elizabeth II facing left. Legend: 1897 Victoria. Elizabeth II 1967 Confederation 100. Reverse: Stylised tree center Legend: 1867 Centennial of Canadian Confederation 1967 Le centenaire de la confederation Canadienne. Medal turn. Plain edge. Ex. Fine.
1944, Wilhelmina I, 25 cents. Netherlands, 1944. 0.640 sliver. Diameter 19mm, 3.57 grams. 40,000,000.
1967, 1 Pa'anga, Tonga. Tonga, 1967. White metal. Diameter 38.5mm. Medal turn. Unc. Reigned, 1918-1965. 78,000.
1967, 2 Pa'anga, Tonga. Tonga, 1967. White metal. Diameter 44.5mm. Medal turn. Proof. Reigned 1965-2006. 10,000.
1990, Royal Mail, New Identity. White metal. Diameter 39mm, 4mm thick, 29 grams. Obverse: Victoria One Penny Stamp Legend; 6th May 1840 6th. May 1990. Reverse: Legend: Royal Mail New Identity 1990. Medal turn. Reeded edge. Ex. Fine.
Netherlands ECU. Netherlands, 1995. White metal. Commemorating Queen Wilhelmina.
2010, United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, 1952-, Five Pounds. 2010, United Kingdom. Elizabeth II, 1952-. Five Pounds. Royal Mint. Diameter 38.61mm, 28.28 grams. Reverse designed by David Cornell, obverse designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. Restoration of the Monarchy 1660. Coin turn. Reeded edge. Proof. 50,000.